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Welcome to Soul Healing

Providing energy healing from Woodland Hills, California

Hi, I'm Rebecca Dove Sieling.

Our bodies are wondrous vibrational vessels, capable of incredible transformation. Facilitating soul-level healing is my passion as I find great joy in bridging the innate wisdom with the physical body. Mind, body and spirit are at peace when balance is restored.

Years of training have brought diversity to my healing practice as a shaman, Akashic Records consultant and energy healer utilizing Reiki, kinesiology techniques and sound & light therapies. I provide these services to private clients around the world from Woodland Hills, California.


Soul Healing Sessions

My transformative energy healing sessions tap into the headwaters of one's soul. These energetic adjustments set in motion potentials for deep healing, thus impacting the entire stream of your life as you evolve. Each session is unique and Divinely co-created with my clients. It’s a beautiful process!


Soul Journeys

Soul Journeys activate life changing healing by shifting the energetic momentum of on-going issues at the source. The power of compassion arises as old patterns are removed, one's life perspective is clarified and new potentials emerge. Soul Journeys, which are completed remotely, include a follow-up consultation to share the details. Notes are also provided for personal reference.


Soul Wisdom

The Akashic Records are sourced from Unconditional Love and contain the entire history of one’s soul. Consulting the Records offers wisdom, empowerment, hope and healing with regards to any aspect of one's life including dysfunctional patterns, relationship dynamics, creative endeavors and emotional trauma.

shamanic family ceremony

Soul Ceremonies

An Ayni Despacho, a tradition of the Q'ero shaman of Peru, is a poignant ceremony to create a sacred “bundle of love.” A variety of natural ingredients like bay leaves and flowers, are infused with intentions for blessings, healing and aspirations, unique to the hearts of those participating. Available for individuals or groups, this soulful ceremony is a profound way to honor and celebrate birthdays, weddings, memorials and other life transitions or events.


Soul-Body Alignment

In a world that is changing, it is essential to support balance within our emotional, spiritual and physical expressions.  By communicating with one’s Innate via muscle testing, I am able to identify imbalances within these facets of our human expression, and then determine which modalities will uplift and restore harmony. The non-invasive energy tools I incorporate to promote natural healing, DNA repair and spiritual wholeness include applied kinesiology techniques (using muscle testing), sound (tuning forks) and light frequencies, affirmations and Reiki.  Unique protocols allow sessions to tap in to the efficiency of quantum (multi-dimensional) fields of healing frequencies.

tuning forks sound healing

Distant Healing

One of the most profound benefits of Soul-Body Alignments is that they are not limited by proximity.  I have had the privilege of working with people all over the globe.  Distant healing sessions are equally effective as in-person sessions, and incorporate the same diverse modalities.  These treatments are ideal for those who are immobile, ‘under-the weather’ or hospitalized but are most often engaged by those who live outside my community.

Also available, are surrogate sessions with my mentor and colleague, Linda Penny.  These two-practitioner sessions are ideal for children, especially those who have been diagnosed ‘on the spectrum’ as well as elderly people and those hospitalized.  Linda is a brilliant practitioner; tapping into our unique partnership is a rare opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Soul Journey shift something in my life when I’m not present for the healing session?

Time and space are associated with a 3D reality.  By entering a state of multi-dimensionality, Oneness of Spirit is accessed, and Soul healing is viable. One source describes this process in these terms: “…at a certain level of theta waves you can not only remote view, but also remote interact with objects and people at a distance.”  - The New Human

My interpretation: with my clients’ permission to do a Soul Journey on behalf of gaining insights and healing with regards to a specific issue, I am able to work at an energetic, Soul, Akashic level by accessing a theta state. From within those realms, I am able to access Soul Guidance and address energetic healing which translates directly to my clients.

Why is a Soul-Body Alignment recommended?

We live in a world that is undergoing a massive energetic metamorphosis.  Simply by living on this precious planet, these changes impact our physical bodies and biology, our emotions and thoughts, and our spiritual awareness.  Addressing the wholeness of these changes, mind, body and spirit, we are able to align with these changes more efficiently.

How can a remote session really work? Isn’t it necessary to be in person to receive healing?

Humans share an amazing ability to be energetically ‘entangled’. This means that there is an energetic coherence allowing us to be united, or connected. During distant or remote sessions, I am able to tap into that coherence which enables all the healing protocols to translate directly into my clients’ field and body.  The beauty of coherence does indeed allow for an effective remote session to take place.


Professional Peers


"I have known Rebecca for over 20 years. She is one of the most spiritually informed and dedicated seekers I have had the privilege to call friend and student. She is a born healer and helps others discover their own path to well-being." ~ Deborah Wray, Founder of Gateway School of Shamanism

"Rebecca is probably the most enthusiastic and seriously ‘keen’ student I have worked with. It was a pleasure training her in Kinesiology, Reiki and Sound Healing. Her talents as a shaman, healer and lightworker are shown with her great sense of compassion, intuition and insight. She comes from a place of purity, truth, light and joy." ~ Linda Penny, Vibrational Healer & Teacher

Soul-Body Alignment

"I am constantly amazed by Rebecca's ability to pin point exactly what modality to use that will most benefit me at that particular time. She is highly intuitive and extremely skilled making her energy healing sessions very beneficial. She is a gentle giant in the healing profession." ~ Maureen, private client

Remote Soul-Body Alignment

"Rarely do you get a chance to work with a genuine healer that channels love and light the way Rebecca does. She is a trail blazer for what healing will look like in the future. In our remote session she brought healing through light, sound, powerful intuition, Akashic Records, affirmations and most of all her open heart and purity of intention. The impact was immediate and profound. Clearing of my energy field was palpable and integration in my physical body continued for several days. Rebecca is a compassionate soul who has well nurtured gifts and deep knowledge. She offers openness, trust and inner awareness so you can communicate to her your experiences of energy shifts and help her pinpoint what in you is calling for attention. Bathe yourself in her bright light to ignite your own."  ~ Aleks, private client

Distant Healing

"Rebecca and Linda have been instrumental in addressing both emotional and physical issues that have come up for our preschooler. Her compassion and love have greatly impacted the healing of our little one. We highly recommend Rebecca as a healer to work on issues related to body and soul." ~ Amanda, private client

Akashic Records

"In a session with Rebecca I felt a connection to ancient wisdom, both cosmic and earthly. Her descriptions made me both smile and feel loved. Like when she shared the image of the stars dancing around me and sprinkling starlight about me to heal all the dark places. I immediately felt buoyant. Rebecca correctly identified that my throat chakra was blocked, and she gave me practical tips to clear away residue. Rebecca let me know that amplifying my authentic voice is essential to doing my work in the world. And I agree. Thank you, Rebecca." ~ Monica, private client

Soul Journey

"The three Soul Journeys I have had were life changing. Rebecca’s gift stays with you enabling you to evolve. I have been able to make peace with my past, to understand and remove dysfunctional energetic attachments with family members, to know and understand my authentic self, and have clarity and direction as to my purpose. Emotional, mental, and physical pain were replaced with self-love, healing, acceptance, joy, and light. Soul confusion was replaced with an undeniable clarity, excitement, and passion to truly “BE ME” in this world. Rebecca offers compassion, empathy, wisdom, and freedom through her work." ~ Kathy, private client

Ayni Despacho

"I recently enjoyed participating in a despacho ceremony led by Rebecca, for a 50th birthday party of a dear friend. It was fun and uplifting for everyone, to make the prayer bundle of flowers and treats, and offer it in gratitude and celebration. I give Rebecca my highest recommendation." ~ Christine, private client

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